To qualify for CLASSIC's services, your matter must meet our eligibility policies. Eligibility is determined on a on a case-by-case basis.

If your legal issue is criminal or family in nature, you must first be denied Legal Aid's services. To apply to Legal Aid please call 1-800-667-3764. If you have applied and they deny you services, you can apply for CLASSIC's services. A denial from Legal Aid is no longer on the yellow form, but is a document called a Notice of Ineligibility. Once you receive your Notice of Ineligibility you can apply for CLASSIC's services.

Walk-In Advocacy Clinic (WAC)

The Walk-In Advocacy Clinic (WAC) provides clients with full legal representation. Clients are either assisted by:

  • law student advocates, under the supervision of practicing lawyers,
  • or by the staff supervising lawyers.

The decision about whether CLASSIC can represent you, and whether you will work with a student or a supervising lawyer, is made by the staff supervising lawyers.

Examples of matters CLASSIC provides advocacy services in through the WAC include:

  • Landlord-Tenant Issues
  • Summary Criminal Matters (summary matters are less serious charges than indictable)
  • Prison Law Matters
  • Compensation claims for matters such as 60s Scoop, Day Schools, etc.
  • Social Assistance Issues
  • Human Rights Issues
  • Immigration and Refugee Matters
  • Wills, guardianship and power of attorney
  • And more!

The WAC does not provide services in the areas of family law, serious criminal matters, and many areas of civil law. CLASSIC's Legal Advice Clinic may be able to assist you in these areas.

Applications can be made by phoning (306) 657-6100.

Legal Advice Clinic

The Legal Advice Clinic (LAC) allows clients who have legal issues in the areas of criminal, family, or civil matters to speak to a practicing lawyer for a free advice session. Most sessions are half an hour. These appointments assist people who do not have a lawyer, have been denied by legal aid, and are not eligible for services through CLASSIC's Walk-in Advocacy Clinic. These appointments are for people who are representing themselves on their matter. The appointments may be by phone, on any day of the week or in person. In-person appointments will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. All appointments are scheduled to meet the volunteer lawyers' schedules, and CLASSIC must work with their schedules.