This philosophy of practice has been created in response to consultations with CLASSIC's community partners and clients, the input of CLASSIC Board, staff, and students, and an engagement with the social justice lawyering literature. It describes our aspirations as a community-based legal clinic that works to respond to the needs of our clients and community, and to guide the work of staff and students at CLASSIC.

Philosophy of Practice

  • We recognize that our clients come from many different communities and cultures and that we must learn from these communities and cultures in order to be good advocates.
  • We recognize that our clients are experts in their own lived experiences. We work collaboratively with our clients towards their desired outcomes.
  • We understand our clients' legal issues are not always the central challenges that they face. We will seek to understand and approach the challenges faced by our clients holistically, and in context.
  • We will work towards relationships with clients that are founded on mutuality, reciprocity, and respect. We work with our clients, not for our clients.
  • We are aware that legal institutions have too often reinforced inequality and oppression. We may need to challenge these institutions in order to address injustice in our community.
  • We will constantly re-evaluate our work in light of reflection and consultation with the clients and communities that we serve.
  • We commit to the highest standards of ethical practice.
  • We will take the time to take care of ourselves, and each other, as we work together towards a more just community.